Stiles Clothing, Red Wine Top
Lastweek, me and my blogger friend was lucky enough to be given by @Stilesclothing a bunch of items from their new collection. We were at their bodega to choose clothes of our choice. It was such a fun experience for us + we had a chit-chat about the "blogging world". Shout out to Alkai for being so generous and fun!
Stiles Clothing, Red Wine Top

Keds Sneakers, Stiles Clothing, Red Wine Top
Stiles Clothing, Red Wine Top Top - Stiles Clothing // Skirt - Sailor's Deck // Sneaks - Keds


On the outfit related news, I've been loving this wine colored top.  I think it's perfect for summer, don't you just agree? The material is chiffon. Idk what's up with Stiles but majority of their clothes are chiffon — I'm not complaining. 30% of my wardrobe is also made up of chiffon. hihi

To roughly brief you on this outfit's journey some time last week, I spent the whole day with Em scouting new place to shoot. Then, we had our dinner at Atria and spent the whole night at the service road chillin' at the back of the car drinking a few booze to celebrate our friendship. Awww!

Before I sign-off, I'm happy to let you guys know that my website is finally mobile friendly! If you're following me on twitter (@tishaseptemberr), you probably know that I have been ranting nonstop on how I can make my theme responsive. I have been very patient not to ruin my blog and paused my impulsive button. The being-patient-mode is very helpful and I think it was worth the wait —(and rant)*cringe. 

Why don't you try it now on your phone if it's working, and also don't forget to bookmark? hihi [ ]

Disclaimer: This post and the items featured are courtesy of Stiles Clothing had no influence on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post, they are solely my own.


  1. You look stunning! And I honestly think that red looks great on you. Followed you on Twitter! ^_^

  2. Such a pretty top & it's a great color on you.

    - Audrey


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