April 10, 2015

1. Oh Please, next time please be more cautious of the words that comes out of you mouth.

2. I don't know, but it seems that you've developed 'The attitude', BRUH. take it easy, you're not even close to the finish line.

3. Maybe my angry hormones is the main culprit of my "annoyed-with-everything-you-say-feeling" or you're just plain stupid not to think what to say first.

4. It's not my fault that I heard/knew it! It didn't came out of my mouth in the first place!

5. I came here in my blog because I know twitter can't handle this. Plus, I don't want to annoy my followers by bombarding their feeds with rants.

6. Okay, I'm about to calm down. Thank you, blog for actually listening. lol

7. I'll probably draft a post entitled: "What to put in mind when you're feeling pissed" Hah!

8. I'm going to end this post forgetting this actually happened. (Contemplating whether to publish this or not. Forgive me, I hope my brain will be at peace after this.

9. Let's eat dinner my friends and be grateful that we have food to eat. :D

10. Today's Lesson: Let's not feed our anger, doubts and fears tonight!

Seriously, THANK YOU for listening! Take care :)

P.S. This actually worked for me. Such a good therapy. Haha I think I should do this more often— or not!


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