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O.M I just noticed that my 'outfit photos' lately are getting a little bit grainy. Maybe because of the resolution settings on my DSLR. Okay gurls, forgive me. I'll try to fix it on my next shoot. Anyhow, I just received a new set of summer clothes from @RipplesbyJenny. Yup, my top and skorts are from them. I love how they send me items that I can immediately pair up! Continue reading to see what series I'm up to this summer!

Ripples by Jenny x Keds

// Top - Ripples by Jenny | Skorts - Ripples by Jenny | Sneakers - Keds //

Since it's scorching hot this summer, an outfit to counter it is a must. I will share to you what I wore this summer. Have you noticed, I've been reviewing beauty products and ignoring the fact that I have a lot of pending back logs of outfitpost to make and publish. Again, forgive me. I've been into product photography lately and been pretty much interested to share my thoughts and opinions about products that I love and haaaate. Haha I will always have my honest thoughts on the products that I had reviewed and will be reviewing.  


And whilst writing this post, I'm currently distracted about Google's MobileGeddon. As you have noticed, my web design is not yet responsive. I just re-launched my website few weeks  ago and now a new problem has arrived. Unfortunately, my blog is not mobile friendly―which will make my rankings lower, I guess? So as for the meantime, I will turn on my template mobile. I apologize if it's not that great. It is just a default that I used. I promise I will be working on how to make my site a responsive/mobile friendly one. If you happen to know someone who is knowledgeable about Theme tweeking and make my template responsive. PLEASE do let me know! Email (  or DM me on my social media accounts! (Facebook, Twitter) It will be much appreciated. Thanks!!

Disclaimer: This post and the items featured are courtesy of Ripples by Jenny had no influence on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post, they are solely my own.


  1. I absolutely love your top! The subtle flower print is super gorgeous.


    1. I'm so O.C when it comes to floral prints. But this one is an exception, I'm glad you liked it too! Thanks Sab ;)


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