Hi everyone! Welcome to my first youtube video! You guys have been asking me for months to start a channel, so here it is! Featuring my "Everyday Eyebrow Routine" I hope you'll like it and Please Subscribe! What you can expect to my channel are Makeup Reviews, Tutorials, Hauls and chitter-chatter!

Products used:

LA Girl Gel Liner (Dark brown)
Marionaud Angled Brush with Spoolie
San San Cream Concealer (Natural)



"BUY OR BYE?" is my new series here in the blog, where I review a make up product and share to you whether it's worth buying or tossing. For my first entry, I will be featuring the  San San Cream Concealer.

I don't have a lot of dark spots on my face, my primary concern is my under-eye circles. We've all been there: You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and see the eyes of a tire woman staring back at you (!!) They arent really cute on anyone (the sole exception: PANDAS).

One time, My mom and I visited an outlet of HBC here in our city and I came across these pots of San San Concealers. Read more to know my final thoughts about the product!


Those nights that you just want to write anything just to vent out the loneliness that you feel inside. Whilst listening to the playlist that makes you want to cry every time you listen to it. What is adding insult to injury(!) *sob

Those nights that you feel empty and useless. Realizing shit you've done in the past and thinking if you can just delete it from your memory and never hit town your thoughts again - never again.

Those nights when the weather confer you. Cold rainy evening, what more can make you cry? Perhaps, an old photo that should have been buried 6 miles below the ground. Good thing my external hard drive is broken.

Those nights that a sorry is never enough.

Those nights that you realized that things that you want don't always work as it seems. But you gotta move, you gotta stand and continue living and find that shitload of happiness that you deserve.

Finally, those nights that your hand just types anything-just anything that torments your mind. And pressing the publish button without even proofreading it.


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