It was a day to remember for all new architects and most especially, it was euphoric for me and my parents.


RisingStars Philippines provides a game-changing concept and a  refreshing way to engage its audience through the staple of Filipino culture-the KARAOKE. After searching through 20 cities from across the country, putting up booths in over 200 stops in major malls, barangays and schools, and finding musically gifted individuals with the potential to become a star, they are still looking for more.


GrabTaxi came to the Iloilo City, The City of Love with Acting Gen. Manager, Natasha Bautista to host a Media Launch attended by Media, bloggers and also drivers last March 12, 2015.

Bautista said Iloilo City was an ideal choice because it is the 4th top tourist spot and one of the most developed provinces in the country. 


Have you noticed anything? Yes, my hair is black now! If you're a follower of mine on Instagram (@tishaseptember), you probably now about this already. I will have a detailed post about my Hair on my 'Hair Stories Category'. As of now, we'll going to talk about summer-time outfits!

To most of us, summer means it’s party time! There seem to be endless invitations to barbecues, pool parties, graduations, weddings, and plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Choosing what to wear does not need to be stressful.


PRICE: P299.75

Water-proof and long lasting eye brow colour in a three shade collection. Intense color and easy to blend. Soft and smooth with the moisturizer Vitamin E. Easy to apply with the Nylon hair applicator and mirror compact.


I have been wanting to post my Ombre Hair Story for quite a long time now. A lot have been asking: where I had it done, Did I do it myslef? did I bleach it? is it frizzy? how do I maintain/take care of my ombre hair?

I had it done in the Salon few months ago, and I really love the result. It's not a drastic change for me because I have my light brown hair for a few years already. I embraced my Ombre hair for almost a year. But if you have been following me on INSTAGRAM, you already know that I dyed my hair black few days ago (Click to see photo). I think it's time for me to go back to basics. But hey, that doesn't end my #HairStories Series, I will still be experimenting with my hair in the future!

Enough with blabber, let's talk about OMBRE!
Ombre is a hair trend with darker/ natural hues at the roots and gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. Ombre hair has been seen on almost all the celebrities, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone and even Jared Leto, these celebrities have sported the Ombre this year, only emphasizing that this dip-dyed hair trend is here to stay for a while.


Let me start off with a little introduction: Hi, I'm Archt. Tisha September Arnaldo. 
Noticed the prefix in my name? Yes, I am now a Licensed Architect. I passed the 2015 Architecture Licensure Examination (ALE). Yey!

I'll tell you a little story..
After I finished my exam and as I walk out of the examination room, I had felt that I did a decent job, but still not sure if it was good enough.  As I waited for the results, exam specifics blended into an overall sense of uncertainty. The worst that could happen would be that I would fail, and then try even harder.  

Someone called my phone and told me that he was opening the website to see the results. As I waited in silence my emotions all surged through my system in rapid succession.  First the fear, then the peace.

"You made it!" 
"OMG! Are you serious?"

I cried in happiness, Thanking God for answering my prayer. That was indeed one of the happiest moment of my life.

About 5 months ago, as I prepared for the Architecture board exam, I caught myself daydreaming about the feeling of euphoria one must experience when they knew they passed the board exam.  Are there tears of joy?  Squeals of excitement?  Does the weight of the ALE albatross hanging around one’s neck suddenly disappear?  Whatever the feeling it must be glorious.  As my moment arrived it was a strange amalgamation of those things, a deep exhale of relief while blinking back a tear.  Upon reaching the light at the end of the tunnel one is enveloped in a warm sun lit glow of a perfect summer’s day.  It’s the most intimate and yet all encompassing feeling.  It’s not big or flashy, it’s simply tranquil.

There really is no fanfare at this point, I’m proud for accomplishing the exam and excited in my Oath Taking to finally get the license in hand. Then we’ll party.  But until that day arrives I’m grateful for the success of passing, amazed at the amount I’ve grown as an architect, and  humbled by all of you who have joined me along the way.  I started writing this blog to keep track of a personal quest and never expected to reach the end of the journey with so many new colleagues and friends.  I’ve been touched by your stories and encouraged by your words.  To me, it’s incredible how an examination that is so highly individualized manages to bring us all together.
It’s been an honor to share my experience here in my blog with you and I thank you for sharing yours with me.