I dont know about where you live, but here in The Philippines, when its a clear crisp September-December night (with no rain in the forecast) the stars look beautiful. I know that star-gazing is supposed to be a romantic summer thing, but personally I think nothing can make you feel more alive than looking up at that tinted black blue sky, with Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Orion and other constellations while going through the numbing sensation, chills, and freshness of the cold and still September/October air. This is something people have been doing for centuries, perhaps because it really gives you the perspective, the bigger picture.
This outfit was inspired by this outward looking-ness of stars and galaxies. Although gloomy, grey days are ahead, the sparkles from the skirt just liven up any cold dread-ful day!
When ROMWE sent this skirt to me as a birthday present, I was all giddy and excited to style/wear it.

Whether I'm treading around my hometown or exploring my city’s surroundings, these vegan faux-leather boots from MART OF CHINA are myr constant companions. Functional laces and exposed zippers make these boots easy to invite into mycasual outfits - once there, their true-to-life texture and gently worn soles ensure a future filled with compliments.

I used to think that when it came to sunglasses, wayfarers were the only way to go. But as soon as I made the acquaintance of these fetching round-framed sunnies, I realized I had it all wrong. Round sunnies also from ROMWE is my current fav as of the moment!

 |Top - It's Vintage Darling | Skater Skirt - ROMWE | Accessories - SNM |Sunnies - ROMWE| Boots - Mart of China| 
The swirling galaxy patterns of this miniskirt captures the wonders of the universe in a casually elegant piece. I really like this ensemble, it ensures a dreamy day light-years away from reality! 
Do you think galaxy skirt and combat boots goes along well?

Shout out to ROMWE and MART OF CHINA for sending me these stuff! xx
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Stay aesthetically & functionally beautiful everyone!

Photos by: Goldwynn Navarro


  1. The bracelets are so nice :) You don´t follow me yet via Google Friend? :((
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    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  2. I couldn't agree more, fall star gazing is the best! Although star gazing altogether is amazing: my boyfriend is an astronomy geek so he explains all the names and constellations to me, it's truly really interesting stuff!
    Regarding your outfit... flawless! you really look like you've just fallen down from the sky :) That's an amazing skirt to get as a bday gift from Romwe, you lucky girl! I think combat boots fit this look perfectly, kind of giving it more of a tough and adventure-ready touch.

    A pleasure reading you as always, keep up the great work. Kisses from Spain xxx
    La vie en low-cost

  3. I just adore your hair!

    Christina Klein

  4. What a gorgeous top and sunnies!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  5. I love everything about this look! You are super gorgeous!!

    xoxo Noelle

    MakiMaki Vintage

  6. so beautiful ! I love your outfit, the blue colour was amazing..


  7. Love the outfit but mostly love your vibrant red hair! Gorg!

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    I am Marie Liv

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  8. oh what a beautiful look! those shades of blue look amazing with your haircolour!


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