Best and Worst Liquid Eyeliners review

I'm in no way advocating the use of sucky eyeliners, which unfortunately can sneak their way into your makeup bag if you aren't careful. So in an effort to have you fall deeper in love with good eyeliners, and steer clear of the bad ones that have failed us numerous times, I have rounded up a list of the eyeliners that I use. Of course I will only compare it with fellow local products. Read 'em. Know 'em.


(Review and Swatches)

Liquid Eyeliners Swatches review

1. NICHIDO LIQUID LINER - I have purchased it recently. I gotta love the packaging, it's a travel size and I can just throw it inside my makeup bag whenever. But, I got to give it the worst liner that I have tried. It's not waterproof hence I look like a raccoon at the end of the day. It's also hard to remove, I always look like I've been into a fistfight because of the residue of the product all over my face. I know, I know it sound awful.

2. FASHION21 LIQUID LINER - It's gotta be my favorite! It's a waterproof eyeliner and doesn't smudge. My favorite part is; when you wash it with water, it doesn't go all over my face. A great eyeliner that won’t run when you do.

3. HBC FELT TIP LINER - Very easy to apply! The longevity is Okay, considering it's price. It's pretty much affordable and does a great job. Packaging? Not that I would want to put inside my makeup bag. The lid tends to get separated from it's body.

4. HBC DIP LINER - The same performance as of the felt tip liner, the only difference is the application and the Dip liner stays a tad bit longer than the felt tip.


Smudge test of liquid eyeliners Review
(Please see legend from the photo above)

1. NICHIDO LIQUID LINER - It didn't smudge when I tried to rub it. The it's mortal enemy is water. There was I time when I cried (don't ask for the reason, I won't tell. Haha) and I was wearing the nichido. I was in a beauty mess! I couldn't even explain how I looked like when I saw myself in the mirror. Imagine the embarrassment I had, aside from crying is of course embarrassing, the eyeliner added insult to injury! I will never ever wear this eyeliner again. #whogoat

2. FASHION21 LIQUID LINER - Didn't even had a scratch. This eyeliner is my Holy Grail.

3. HBC FELT TIP LINER - The weakest when it comes to smudging. But I still love it. It doesn't melt and easy to remove.

 4. HBC DIP LINER - Stays longer than the felt tip liner. Sometimes I'm don't like the applicator for some reason.

So that's it. I hope you agree with me or if not, comment down below. If you have any suggestions of your favorite products, please tell me! I will never stop searching for good liquid eyeliners. 

Take care loves!


  1. Thanks for the test, I'm sure it's gonna help a lot of girls. I personally don't use liquid eyeliners cause I somehow never manage to make it look nice, haha. But thanks for the tips! Feel free to stop by my blog, xoxo

  2. It's always hard to find the perfect liquid eye liner, I bought one the other day from Kiko and I'm really disappointed so your post is gonna be useful for me :)


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