FANNY SERRANO. Two way cake in Organza. So, I've heard a lot of good reviews from this product and it sounds extremely promising. I ran out of my old pressed powder and decided to try this one out. By the way, I have an oily skin. Let’s see if it’s as amazing as it sounds.

I'm thinking to have a Product review/First Impression Review of this one.
 "COMMENT BELOW" if you want me to!

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xx, Tisha


  1. Love it! Why not try non-toxic and eco friendly cosmetics?
    I have a review about it on my blog!
    Check it out, you might be interested about this brand!


  2. I'm keen to know how it goes... I'm sure it's like pressing your face into a cloud ;-) It is Chanel after all.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  3. nice! It would be great to hear a review, I have oily skin too! always on the lookout for pressed powder, currently using MAC but I want to try other brands too

  4. Love this blog, I'm not good in make-up but this blog is very intresting and I can also understand make-up secrets!!!! Lovely! What about following each others???
    In The Checkout Line - Fashion blog

    In The Checkout Line - Fashion blog

    In The Checkout Line - Fashion blog

  5. Wow, I want to know if these products are amazing! Have you tried it out already?

    Airish ♥

  6. Hi,
    Were you able to write a review about the FS pressed powder? Would love to read it!
    ~Pauline @neutrogena philippines


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