WORLD BEX | 2013

For more than a decade, WORLDBEX or The Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition has been a haven for the local and international building and construction industry, supported by acknowledged sectors of society and a visitor profile of more than 150, 000 per year, it is dubbed to be Asia’s most attended construction exposition. WORLDBEX holds a good number of global ties with countries such as Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brunei, China, Finland, Hongkong and Germany to name a few of the 25 participating countries, it is an ideal venue for business transactions and introduction of innovations.
People who shares the same passion.
(L-R: Krishna Joren, Joevic Mondejar, Ralph Alvin Borres, Me, Rey John Lorca)

Glass Solutions by Jaro Glass Inc. 
The owner of the Glass Solutions is from our home town, Iloilo City. It is quite an inspiration that their business expanded and is now the Major sponsor of the event!
There are also games hosted by several booths. Shout out to Stephen PeƱaranda who joined the tossing game and lost! haha

ECOCARAT: The breathing tile, offers unmatched qualities of humidity control, offensive odor abatement and noxious substance absorptions over other ceramic tiles. Seamlessly fitting into interior walls, it is an unobtrusive and steady monitor of healthful, comfortable room environments. How cool is that? They even have a demo on their booth. Impressive tile. *claps

Visit their website for more details, you might be interested to incorporate this in your design.
Click here.

WORLDBEX is known for putting together over 500 exhibiting companies and more than a thousand booths in a Wi-Fi ready exhibit area of 30, 000sqm ranging from building materials equipment services, construction design and development, for lining up the country’s best architects and interior designers, plus the leading manufacturers and furniture exporters, for showcasing the top colleges and universities in interschool interior design competition and for bringing in the biggest names in the local and international building and construction scene for seminars.

Along with these impressive parts of the show, WORLDBEX is the only construction show in the country that offers Business Matching Service during a show covering the needs of both the consumers and producers. No wonder 80% of its visitors are more likely to do business with WORLDBEX exhibitors.

And to wrap this up, click to see the video. Enjoy! 

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  1. Wow this place looks amazing! :) xxx

  2. OOh wow - so many awesome things to look at. I love the glass staircase - but imagine keeping it clean!
    I love your hair - it's too pretty.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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