Edgar “Injap” Sia II (The man behind Mang Inasal) was conferred by the University of San Agustin with the honorary degree Doctor of Humanities. He was a former BS Architecture Student but did not continue his 5th year.
He is such an inspiration, he’s big speech motivated me to dream big, work hard and to soar high.

 Adonis Jr. and My aunt Leni Fabia Ebojo.

(L-R: Julie Ann Gayle Deximo, Nerreza Tacan, Me, Gem Vicencio and Rina Jean Del Pilar)
Highschool classmates were very supportive, they gave me flowers and garlands after the graduation
I was overwhelmed for all the roses and garlands that my friends and families gave me.
Graduated from the course BS Architecture of the University of San Agustin, I can feel the endless possibilities that my life awaits me. My next step is to complete my 2-year apprenticeship while managing our online shop. :)



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