Iloilo National Highschool, SPECIAL PROGRAM FOR THE ARTS'07


(L-R: Melchor Mabilog, Diana Angelie Jaigna, Ken Del Rosario, Me)


My closest. (L-R: April Angelie Deysolong, Ma. Camella Fernandez, Me and Diana Jainga)

The night is young and so are we! I haven't seen most of my highschool classmates for a few years now. Since I took up a 5-year course, most of them graduated a year ahead of me. Basically, they had their own job, their lives changed ahead, new journey began. While I was still attending classes and wearing school uniforms. *pft
But now that I've already graduated, it was really nice to see and hangout with them just for a night. Reminiscing memories during our highschool and ofcourse we made new ones.

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