Why Hey Sugar is better than your current waxing salon


We all know that sugar is a mainstay beauty ingredient for a lot of girls’ beauty routines. Exfoliants, masks, soaps…and yes, even hair removal wax. Some areas of the body just need that much TLC. Maybe because your skin is naturally sensitive, or because incidentally, the common body parts that need constant grooming also happen to have the thinnest skin and therefore are prone to irritation.

Thankfully, Hey Sugar understands this. And they’ve created a sugar wax mixture is made from all-natural and food-grade ingredients that are free from artificial dyes, fragrances, preservatives and chemicals. 

Expert aestheticians start by applying the wax by hand and swiftly but gently removing it with a swift flicking motion following the direction of your hair growth. When properly done, it reduces the growth of ingrown hairs, breakage and even manages to remove smaller, harder to remove sections that shaving or depilating can easily miss. It also works to gently exfoliate your skin, which helps prevent ingrown hairs—a common and annoying side effect of our grooming routine.

While you may think that you’re not really allergic to any cosmetic ingredient, it’s still a lot more reassuring to know that your skin’s exposure to redness and irritation is minimized. And all this is something that my current waxing salon just can’t top. 

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon currently has more than 25 locations nationwide. To know more, visit the Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon website or Facebook.com/heysugarwaxingph and Instagram.com/HeysugarPhils.

You can also visit them on the lower ground floor of SM City Iloilo.



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