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Kuya J Restaurant opened their space just recently at SM City Iloilo North-wing Expasnion. Last January 31, 2016, we had a meet-and-greet with ambassador Jericho Rosales at their restaurant. The event was filled with fun and kilig. Kuya J has a warm homey feel interior. It is ideal for family lunch and dinners or eating out with colleagues. Of course the food is also great! Kuya J is now included on my list that I personally loved and would want visit again. Think of traditional Filipino comfort food that we’ve come to know and appreciate.

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
Kuya J Sm City Iloilo, Jericho Rosales
To say that Kuya J Restaurant introduced itself last year is an understatement. Because Kuya J actually made its presence felt, so much so that the entire Philippines would want to get a taste of its famous Crispy Pata, or at the very least, crave its mouthwatering goodness. Unless you’re living under a rock, Kuya J’s campaign, which featured its bidang endorser, Jericho Rosales, was everywhere. From billboards, building fa├žades, banners, and LED screens, down to posters, newspapers, TV screens, online, and even in mobile phones, you can see Echo offering that lip-smacking Crispy Pata.

Aside from that, what exactly is in store for the brand this 2016? Well, for a start, because Kuya J has received an incredible amount of support, it will gladly give back the love by opening up 80 new stores (yup, 80stores!!!) in various parts of the country, specifically at SM Davao; Solenad 3, Sta. Rosa Laguna; SM Cauayan, Isabela; Lucky Chinatown Manila; Ayala Serin, Tagaytay; Otis, Manila; and SM Cabanatuan to name a few. Take note: that’s just the beginning of more things to come.

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
What’s even more incredible is that prior to the successful launch of their campaign last September 2015, Kuya J only had 18 fully operating stores. Thereafter, they’ve opened 12 more in a span of only 3 months, making it a grand total of 30 stores by the end of 2015. Now, if that didn’t make your jaw drop, we don’t know what will. Here’s another jaw-breaking fact: All of Kuya J’s blockbuster success is attributed to the exceptional performances and fiery passion of the entire Kuya J Team, headed by the seasoned restaurateur, WinglipChang.

Chang is highly known in Cebu for his knack of constantly bringing food and restaurant services to a whole new level. With over 30 years of remarkable experience in the food industry, it’s no surprise that Kuya J Restaurant has become and continues to be one of the fast rising Filipino restaurants in the country.

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
Jam session with Jericho Rosales

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo

Aside from being an endorser, Echo became a real life Kuya for the brand. He served customers, made sure that everything is alright in the restaurant’s kitchen, treated his family, friends, and co-workers for lunch, entertained his fans and the list goes on. Ultimately, he became the person that everybody looked up to, both in and out of Kuya J Restaurant. Now that’s what you call a Kuya.
Its universal best sellers are the creamy Grilled Scallops, Crispy Pata, which is cooked in an upgraded fryer, Pochero Tagalog in a tasty broth; Kare-Kare made from scratch, “with actual nuts rather than just peanut butter;” and the Fried Halo-Halo and Tablea Flan.

APPETIZERS:Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
 Grilled Scallops with lots of cheezy butter topping. 

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
Sauted crabmeat and bamboo shoots filling rolled in malunggay-infused wrapper with sweet garlic sauce.

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
Sinangag with danggit bits,oil, chives and fried danggit.

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
Sinangag with bagoong, topped with pork humba meat, green mangoes, bell peppers and red onions.

MAIN DISHES:Kuya J Sm City IloiloKUYA J CRISPY PATA (380php)
Perfectly deep-fried pork skin, with tender juicy pata meat.

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
Kuya J's take on traditional Kare-kare. Reinvented peanut sauce.

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
 Buttered deep-fried catfish seasoned with spices, served with chilli tuba sauce and bagoong mayo.

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
The filipino style omelet Pan fried inihaw na talong with pork giniling and egg.

Kuya J Sm City IloiloTABLEA COFFEE FLAN (65php)
 Batangas tablea flavored flan with coffee caramel topped with dried coconut sprinkles and cream.

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo
 Aesthetically pleasing classic creamy mango and pandan dessert.

Kuya J Sm City Iloilo, Iloilo Bloggers

Well there’s not much left for me to say except I loved everything we ate. Everything was cooked to perfection, and bursting with all the right flavours to tickle the tastebuds.

All in all, Kuya J Restaurant will be spreading a tasty kind of love throughout the year. And since we believe that in this world, all we need is love, the restaurant believes that the addition of Crispy Pata, Lumpia Presko, and Kare-Kare and a whole lot of offerings won’t hurt. Swing-by Kuya J Restaurant at SM City Iloilo, North-wing!

I will end this post with a video from Simply Iloilo. Enjoy!

Kuya J Restaurant Facebook Page - Kuya J SM City Iloilo
Located at: SM City Iloilo Northwing

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