After a busy week of work, the weekend comes with much-anticipated brunch dates. Dressing for brunch should be about looking casual yet chic. I’d match the pastel free-flowing top that I got from Audrey Clothing with a bodycon skirt, while still maintaining a polished style.


The general norm is to opt for white, yellow, mauve and peach though you can always wear pink, red, orange, powder blue and even black. The idea is to keep the colour as subdued as you can- no effervescence. It’s Sunday and the idea is to look and feel relaxed.

Skirt - Pomelo Fashion

Sunday brunches are the new Saturday night parties. Yes, the new ‘cool’ thing now is not heading out on Saturday evenings; you’d rather go for a lovely brunch on Sunday and enjoy tasteful conversations with lots of food and friends.
Apart from the obvious time difference, the one most prominent thing that sets a brunch apart from an evening party is the dress code. Though not official, the unsaid rule for a brunch is totally different from a glamorous evening out. The look is understated, relaxed, brighter in colour and more comfortable. ;)

This was all about the sunday brunch look. Hope you like it!

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