Life lately was all about..

Trying to achieve a faux bricks at the site.

Wandering around the mall alone after site visit.

Decorative ceiling that I designed.

Little white owl that my friend gave me as a gift.

United Architects of the Philippines Induction of New members, Marikudo Chapter.

Went to El Circulo, Roxas for my cousins 1st Birthday.

Appreciating the nature from the Qualimed's view.

Made a DIY "Inspiration wire mesh" to keep my inspiration visble.

Found a new coffee shop.

Many of us feel disappointed, lost or disconnected when the real world kicks in because we had internalized those unexamined expectations. When the safety of school is over/glamour of our first job ends/first serious relationship breaks up, we feel a sense of crisis because we definitely don’t have it “all”.

Life lately taught me to "stop making excuses, stop going out way too much and step up to the plate".

How's your life lately?

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  1. Mine has been pretty stagnant therefor I can not help but worry and dwell in the past. Life is to be lived isn't it, right here, right now.


  2. Enjoy reading your blog.


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