My marble obsession is consuming me. I have been hunting for marble contact paper here in the Philippines, but I can't find any! I found a lot of contact paper on amazon but I don't want to pay for the shipping because it is more expensive than the price of the paper. lol


I googled some marble textures on the internet and printed it on a sticker paper. Basically, I made my own marble paper. Or you can purchase it at @sapphire.collection for only 75 Php!!  (8.5'' x 11'') They also have larger sizes!


1. Sticker Paper 8.5'' x 11''
2. X-Acto Knife or any craft cutter will do.
3. Ruler
4. Marble texture from the internet 

DIY Marble Sticker paper


Let's get crafting.
Print the Marble texture using the sticker paper.Grab your sticker paper and make sure to have a sharp X-acto knife. Then, clean the surface where you want to stick it with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


Lay the piece of sticker paper over the top  without removing the backing just yet. Cut it relatively the same size as the top of the surface. Leave an inch all the way around. Peel off your backing & slowly lay it from top to bottom or left to write to avoid bubbles. There may be some roque bubbles no matter what, so try to get them out. You can do so by poking a teeny hole with your X-acto knife if needed.


That's my Maybelline Compact Powder!
And ofcourse, my pocket wifi.


For this project make sure your knife is sharp (a dull one makes the job 100x harder & messier). Irreparable messes are easy to do, & impossible to fix.
 Again, go slow & be patient. You don’t want to rush through this & mess things up!

What do you guys think? Lovin’ my new marbled stuff? I am.

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  1. Amazing. I love marble but I didn't think I loved it so much until I saw this.
    Thanks for the information.


    PS. Check out my first video on youtube at Minted Wall Art / Wall Decor Product Review 2015

  2. Hi do you have a link for the marble texture download?

  3. I've been looking for marble contact paper as well. Thanks to Google, it led me to your page. This is cool, btw. Will try this one soon.

    Thanks! :)

  4. Hello! May I ask what printer you used to print? Because I have been trying to print my labels for school and the background is a marble texture but once I print it, it doesn't show the texture, it's just a white background.

  5. Some sticker printing companies use a process called the flexographic process. It will make sure that your sticker has a long and prosperous life, no matter where you stick it. pinback buttons

  6. Hi, can i ask where you got the marble photo? It looks pretty hd and i cant find hd marble pictures so when i print them out they look blurry. Help please? Thanks :)


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