It's a challenging time for telecommunication providers: land-line voice is in decline, mobile voice margins falling, and with the growing number of options for Call, Data & SMS offers in the prepaid market, there's a need to evolve in the manner to provide better service to the consumers.

The LOADplus Loading Solution is a revolutionized method of loading and reloading telco products and virtual wallets. With the LOADplus Solution, consumers have the convenience of using the machine to send and receive prepaid load as well as do money transfers and reloading of retail chain card loads.

Eliminate shrinkage and theft with the elimination of inventory. 

Electronic Distribution and no physical cards mean no storage and transportation costs, reduced physical distribution costs.

Increase Convenience by Automated process and no restocking necessary.

The strength behind LOADplus Solution is its advantage of embedding a low-cost, effective and sustainable operating model to address business challenges and institute a comprehensive territorial distribution plan to deliver better returns. 

The machine is not yet available in public at the moment. But it will be operational soon in institutional buildings and in every corner of the streets of Iloilo City!

For more details and inquiries:
Loadplus Distribution Network

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