PRICE: P299.75

Water-proof and long lasting eye brow colour in a three shade collection. Intense color and easy to blend. Soft and smooth with the moisturizer Vitamin E. Easy to apply with the Nylon hair applicator and mirror compact.

It has three varying shades of brown to match my mood, hair, and whatever look I’m gunning for everyday.

It has an angled brush in the kit which is very precise. I love using it to apply my brow powder. It has the right amount of synthetic hair, and it is very stiff; perfect for applying the powder in precise strokes. It also has a small mirror, in case there are no mirrors in sight.
No. 1 is a caramel beige shade that looks deceivingly light, yet becomes pigmented miraculously when applied on the brows. It’s best for people who have heavy hands, and end up over applying makeups. It’s great for girls with fair skin tones, and it works equally fine on girls with medium to dark skin tones as well.

No. 2 is my favorite because it reminds me so much of Benefit Brow Zings at such an affordable price. Well, it’s a tad darker than Brow Zings. If I want strong brows, I use this one.

No. 3 is a charcoal- brown shade that will look gorgeous on gals with black hair. It’s not too strong and bold unlike the color Black.


I used No. 2 and 3 in this photo. 

However, I find that this product is not waterproof, as advertised. I sprinkled water on it, rubbed it for a bit, and it’s gone. But it can withstand sweat and sebum, so I think this caveat is forgivable.


  1. Wow! Reading the first part, waterproof brow, I thought to myself "for sure mahal to". But when I saw that it's just P300 I was shocked! Affordable lang pala! The shade is good! I'll try it after my Etude House brow pencil! Hehe. Thanks for sharing!

    Lime & Life

    1. I also likethe Etude house brow pencil, pero parang adnali maubos. Especially the retractable one. :)

  2. I'm still using the Benefit Browzings but once she's used up this would be great to try!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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