It was a day to remember for all new architects and most especially, it was euphoric for me and my parents.

Surpriseeee! With the previous couple of posts heavily revolving around casual street wear- think sneakers, sneakers and more sneakers, I've decided to mix it up a little with this black & yellow dress. From a personal point of view, this feminine dress definitely understands how to look and like a lady. I'm actually in love with it, and am rather exhilarated to showcase such a different side of me today (good excuse since it's my oath taking ceremony)! If you read this blog on a regular basis, you will eventually come to the conclusion that I rarely wear long skirts on here. Consequently, this makes it a whole lot more exciting to publish this post.

And of course, now that my hair is back to black, it was not difficult to color-coordinate it with some dark lipstick, and matching black top.

The only photos I had during the event because the place was packed with inductees and guests. Good thing few of my friends and classmates snapped a quick photo of them with me and tagged me on facebook (Credits to the owner of the photos above). yay! I guess we're going to see each other again for quite a long time, considering most of us live in a different city/province.

I will end my post with this photo of me taken during the golden hour outside the PICC. It was a happy and unforgettable experience - something even more fulfilling than my college graduation. It’s a life event I’ll always remember.

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