Yup another week has passed and I am here again roaming around the grocery store to replenish my goods. I don't know but there is something about me having grocery (alone) and enjoying it for some unknown reasons. 
I lap up at other people's cart/basket (not to be nosy or maybe am) and all of the sudden, I can see a big part of their life. Prolly, how they live or what kind of lifestyle they have. 

1. A guy has a basket full of junk foods and sodas.-- Couch potato?

2. Another girl has a lot of vegetables on her cart-- Ah, maybe she's vegetarian. hihi kiddin

3. An adult with eyeglass, long sleeve, neat and clean: He has the biggest cart full of fresh milk, an estimated 20 boxes. -- Maybe he's a doctor? or just a responsible father.

4. A guy about my age: He has random stuff, dish washing liquid, Coffee, Milo, Chicken, vegetables, snacks and etc. -- reviewing for ALE too? or maybe a nurse. (They are a lot of Hospitals around the vicinity (i.e, Heart Center, Kidney Center and etc.)

It's funny that I'm currently writing this post whilst waiting in line to the cashier.  Now it's my turn to pay - until my next grocery chronicle!

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