READING my reviewers and I'm running of time? lol 

WRITING an article about something that interests me for quite a while now..

LISTENING "Overdrive" by Ola

THINKING that its a good thing to find and surround yourself with people who aren't sad all the time because it kind of gives you a faded hope

SMELLING a lemon fragrance

WISHING to have more wishes

HOPING to see that the word 'love' is buried at the bottom of vodka bottles

WEARING a glittery shirt and a pair of denim jeans

LOVING peoples' faces light up when I compliment them like its so easy to just make people feel happy. Simple joys.

WANTING to cut my hair

NEEDING 938217831 hours of sleep

FEELING insane the fact that some people don't automatically want to watch the stars when they're out some nights

CLICKING Feedly and currently gathering dictum from famous architects and posting it on Twitter.

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