I have been studying out everyday at the nearest coffee shop that I could find from my place. Yup again I'm alone, this is where my advertent/stereotyping rolls in.

What I have observed around me:

1. Thesis Presentation. First, I have this guy beside me who's prolly studying medicine. Idk how he study but I get annoyed by his unnecessary actions/movements. If only I could take a video of him whilst studying, he's like a konduktor trying to attract passengers. ugh. Okay, I'll just face the opposite direction so that my peripheral vision won't see him. *smh

2. Sweet, flirting couple just right in-front of me. Gaaad can you quit being so cute and adorable. Please be considerate, I'm alone over here. Hahahahaha #jealous

3. Familiar Faces. I recognize that face, you were here yesterday studying too, it's nice to see you again.

4. Techie lawyer streaming funny videos in his laptop.

5. Skinny Love. A guy on a different table; tall, fair skinned, chinky eyes and kinda aloof kind of person- yup, he is just about my type lol, He's studying too and caught him staring at me several times. waaah okay-would-you-stop-im-shy

6. Noisy girls are all over the place. It's okay to chit-chat with your girls over coffee, I do that too. But please, control your volume. It's getting very very annoying. (Prolly why I took a break from studying and blogged instead)

Anyhow, I think I should get back to studying now. Time is really ticking. Hihi Take care loves! Follow me on Twitter! I have been talking to myself lately help me haha


  1. this looks like a great place to study and just chill :) cozy!

  2. Hahaha this is so fun to read especially that a lot of people can relate to this!

    Janine |


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