I was tagged by the lovely ladies @katiepatootee and @aneeesthesia  to do the #20factsaboutme challenge. Thank you.

Here it is, 20 Facts about me:

1. I graduated highschool from an Art School and a Visual arts major.

2. I always wanted to be an Interior Designer and Graphic Artist as well.

3. I generally crave Sushi at all times.

4. I've eaten a grasshopper.

5. I used to play soccer when I was in grade school and in highschool and have no idea how I made the team or why I wanted to even join it.

6. I used to have pets named Triangle, Icecream, Orange and Frostbite

7. Coffee makes my day. I can't imagine a day not drinking just one cup. It's my brain organizer. ☕

8. I used to attend Spanish class.

9. Serious movie-viewers should never see a film with me. I am what one might call a “reactive audience member.” I cannot watch a movie without commenting, cracking jokes, jumping & crying out when I am startled or frightened, and sobbing at sad parts. 

10. I am a sucker for Romantic Comedy Films. It' s the closest lovestory I get for myself. lol 

11. I have wanderlust; a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. 

12. I used to play video games a lot. 

13. There's always be bruised on my body. Whether on hands, feet or head. Yeap clumsy as hell. 

14. I'm an Obsessive compulsive when it comes to the color of my things. I just want it jlack, white, brown or red. Give me a yellow toothbrush and I'm not going to use it. 

15. I suffer from blood phobia. I had a bad experience when I was a child. 

16. I'm erratic and quick tempered person. 

17. I made my blog 4 years ago. 

18. Even if my wardrobe is close to explode, I will never have enough clothes and shoes. 

19. I got a scar near my eye because I use to jump a lot from any high platfrom and pretend that I can fly. 

20. I reply messages/texts after 9137363738393 years.


  1. I could eat sushi any day! I also made my blog about 4 years ago :) enjoyed reading these!

    1. We have two things in common! Yay Thanks I'm glad you liked it! :)

  2. great tag. its nice to find out new things about people.


    1. Thanks, thanks to this game we're given a chance to know more about our fellow bloggers :)


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