A comfortable small space that is never empty. This cafe has recently received much hype and hence, reservations are highly recommended if you are thinking of visiting this space. Dova Brunch Cafe. Located near La Paz Plaza, Iloilo.

The interior design of the place is pretty much industrial and sophisticated at the same time. I like how they clustered the picture frames on the wall to consume the bare sides. 

According to Chef Miguel, he has always been charmed by most out-of-the-way restos he saw in the United States, which inspired him to make top-notch “Instagrammable” dishes here in Iloilo. And apparently, with its gastronomic presentation, DoVa dishes are worth flaunting!

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  1. food looks yumm..
    love the lampshade style chandelier .. (if I can call it that!!)

  2. Ahaaayy wala pako kakadto di ya :( Ginstalk ta ka kay nahidlaw ko simo. Haha! :p Excited nako mag abot ka di kay ma vlog ta. ;)

    Em Trava


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