"Light of Peace in the Philippines" is an annual event held by the Middle Way Meditation Institute (Iloilo) and 6 other core organizers to promote "World Peace through Inner Peace" - helping people experience true happiness through meditation.

The completed image depicts the Light of Peace event’s logo and motto “World Peace through Inner Peace” with “The Philippines’ Map” to celebrate “World Peace”.

The event was held in Savannah City, Oton Iloilo lit 56,680 candles to break the Guinness record for the largest flaming image in the world using candles. 

Photo from Helicam Philippines

After the success of breaking the Guinness World Record with the number of 56,680 candles
other candles were lit and finally reached the total of 100,000 candles
Photo by Surasit Kosuwan/MMI

 Video by HeliCam Philippines.

We cannot be left out while history is being made. It was overwhelming to be personally taking part in the event to show support for this life-changing event "World Peace Through Inner Peace." It was pretty amazing, I'm glad we have this opportunity to do this here in Iloilo City.

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