One of the things I miss doing on weekends is lazily strolling around the city with Friends, having no specific destination but wherever our feet brought us. It's rare now, 'cause I'm already working full time and barely having the weekends off for me to spend it the way I used to. Makes me want to go back to being a student! But I can't really dwell on the past too much, right? Might as well just enjoy whatever free time I can have in doing even just the simplest things a.k.a having dinner at my favorite restaurant here in the city. Thankfully, me and my close friend Sarah Formoso spent it there. Although I was mostly yawing and dozing off during the entire night, I was able to breathe and didn't think about work. Compared to a whole afternoon of pressure at work, I'd take this breather on any day or night.

Wawa Heritage Restaurant, Iloilo City

 Even the food presentation is just perfect! 

Every detail and every corner is consistent with the theme.  Needless to say, the place is very cozy and relaxing. A great place to chill and relax for a while. If I had to choose one restaurant here in the city that is my most favorite, I wouldn't think twice. I would definitely choose Wawa Heritage Restaurant. And as an Architecture lover, from the name itself, "Heritage Restaurant" I am one of those people who's into Heritage Conservation of our Iloilo City. I've always been fascinated by museums, galleries and historic places. I was encouraged as a child to develop my interest in cultural heritage. Heritage connects our past with our future and is passed physically and/or spiritually from one generation to next. It includes built landscapes such as cities, buildings, objects and relics, and our natural living landscapes and ecosystems. Oops sorry, I got carried away! Anyway, what do you think of the place? By the way, from what I heard they extended the place and used the fallen trees from the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) as tables and decorative walls. PJ Andranador (Owner and Designer) is indeed a great artist. I can't wait to visit the place again!
Have a great weekend, friends!  

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Archi Tip #2 - Practical Green: Energy Efficiency: Cooling - Ceiling Fans: 
The bottom line in cooling is thermal comfort. Ceiling fans offer a cheaper alternative to air conditioning when it is warm and costs much less to operate. Air conditioning takes time to cool the room, while a ceiling fan can provide instant thermal comfort. Use ceiling fans that have reversible settings - one to blow air up and another to blow air down. You may still need to use the air conditioner for really hot days.


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