I was tipped off a while back about Comma Cafe here in Iloilo City. They say the coffee, smoothies and food was spectacular, and the interior was pleasing too. So, me and my friend/fellow blogger, Em Trava decided to try this place out. I have procured a beautiful set of photographs of Comma Cafe's style interior to kick this post into action. Enjoy!

Hand painted mural feature wall is what I liked most! How I miss highschool days when I used to have mural painting as my subject. Nevertheless, they also sell accessories for girls too!

Customers can leave notes/doodles on their freedom wall too!

Blogger duties?

With a busy full-time job and a high-flying blogger schedule, I hardly have time to enjoy a cup of coffee in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. One thing I love about weekends is having the luxury of time to enjoy a relaxed and laid-back coffee with friends, glad I found this place. I will definitely go back here. So, do you like the interior of the cafe as much as I did?

Have a great weekend, friends! 


Archi Tip #1:
If you haven't worked with an architect or designer before, you may wonder whether your project really requires it. Particularly if your coffee shop design project is a remodel or renovation of an existing space. Hiring a design professional will add value to your ideas and give the entire project direction. A good designer can assist you in considering all structural, aesthetic and sustainable options for your coffee shop design project, not to mention, obtaining building permits and health department approvals.


  1. I I love Comma Cafe too. =) awesome pictures.

  2. Hi! You have taken beautiful photos and i admire the minimalistic design of your blog. :D

  3. Such a cute place to have your coffee... and a slice of cake ;)

  4. This looks so, so nice! Too bad, I think I'll never be able to visit it ;(

    Have a nice day,

  5. Hello, I saw your blog from somewhere, and I can't exactly recall what it was.

    Anyway, that's quite an interesting place to be. Kind of reminds of numerous places around here in Makati and Quezon City that have the same motif as that. I wonder what Comma Cafe's best-sellers are. :)

  6. Wow looks like super funny place !!

    XX Luba 

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  7. This looks so, so nice! + Following :)) :))

  8. Haha finally! Love the archi tip. ;) See you again soon! Coffee this time, yes?


  9. Wow, love the interior! Where's this exactly located? :)


  10. Comma cafe is indeed a really cute place! I can spend all day just reading all the notes and admiring the murals. haha


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