So, I've been bombarded by 'SUMMER' photos/posts lately and I realized that I haven't shared my own summer escapades. Forgive me but I'm about to bombard you with my own travel photos. Come with me and see how I looked deep into nature.

Say Hello to Boo and Mimi, our travel buddies.

Our host, Joevic Mondejar.
It was my first time to harvest nuts straight from its roots! 
 The view was just breathtaking.
Paparazzi shot of Roderick Ebreo and Kristine Brey!

HAHAHA time to freshen up? Lol I was just playin.

We got to experience fire dancing from the different schools of Antique. It was one heck of a show, pretty intense in a sense that people were 'whoooa-ing' to 'oooh-ing' and 'aahhh-ing' because they were actually students and they're not a professional fire dancers, but I tell you, they were amazing! Not to mention we were just a few meters away from them.

It was just our first day, and I've already experienced and got to do things that I could have done decades ago. I grew up in the city and never had a chance to experience how to live in a rural area. Stay tuned for our Second Day Trip!

If you were following my blog through Google Reader, make sure you make the transition to BLOGLOVIN before July 1st (as Google Reader is going to shut down).

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  1. Beautiful photos!
    Have a nice trip!

  2. Great great pictures! :)



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