L-R: Mr. Dominic Mag-isa, LG PH Product Manager for Commercial Laundry; Ms. Marylouie Gatuz, Product Marketing Manager for Commercial Laundry; Mr. Jun Lee, LG PH Product Director for Commercial Laundry;

Ms. Myrtle Sarrosa, LG Ambassador; Mr. Arles A. Uy, Jr, CEO and President of Express Clean Consultancy/AAU Corporation; Mr. Philip David Lee, BigWash Director; Ms. Mylene Manzano, President, BigWash 

One of the least talked about parts of traveling is the issue of laundry. Sure, you can post your OOTDs, but eventually you’ll run out of clean clothing. In these cases, it’s important to quickly and efficiently find a trustworthy laundry shop to take care of your washing needs. However, this can be hard if you’re in an unfamiliar area as a tourist.

Seeing the need to locate laundry shops in an instant, LG recently launched the Laundry Launch App together with the opening of its second Laundry Lounge branch in the country. Located in La Paz, Iloilo, the new Laundry Lounge seamlessly integrates the app into its operations, offering quick location services, machine reservations, and cashless payments courtesy of Gcash. 

Popular content creator and LG brand ambassador Myrtle Sarrosa, who hails from Iloilo, showed how fast and efficient the LG Laundry Lounge app is. She demonstrated how with the app, it’s easy to find laundry shops nearby, check if machines are available, monitor and time wash cycles, and pay remotely via Gcash. The app can be downloaded via Google Play and App Store and services more than 600 Laundry Lounge shops nationwide.

Ms. Myrtle Sarrosa, LG Ambassador

Mr. Jun Lee, LG PH Product Director for Commercial Laundry, was present during the launch. “The LG Laundry Lounge App is a gamechanger for both consumers and business owners because it streamlines and simplifies the whole laundry experience.” The Laundry Lounge in Iloilo serves as the model for things to come.

Mr. Jun Lee, LG PH Product Director for Commercial Laundry

Mr. Arles A. Uy Jr, CEO and President of Express Clean Consultancy/AAU Corporation, the proprietor of the new Laundry Lounge, shared “Laundry shops are fast becoming one of the most popular start-up businesses. If you’re going to invest, it’s crucial that you have a partner you can trust… The technology is world-class, aftersales is topnotch, and the user experience is seamless.” The Laundry Lounge in Iloilo boasts 3 sets of Onyx Titan C Max and 6 sets of Onyx Giant C Max Commercial Washers and dryers that he is extremely confident in investment and performance. The Laundry Lounge app is also a big help o​n the business, that helps him monitor the shop’s operations, navigate through the machines’ conditions and check on his revenues.

Mr. Arles A. Uy Jr, CEO and President of Express Clean Consultancy/AAU Corporation


Find out more why business owners and entrepreneurs put their trust in LG Commercial Laundry by visiting www.lg.com/ph. Want to open your own business? Send a message to LG Commercial Laundry PH on Facebook or fill up the form at https://b2bmkt.lge.com/LP=7678  to get started.


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