Sorry for sharing my haggard-ish face on the previous photo. *hihi
ause Lazy bun and no-make-up look is my new peg. I promise to post a dolled-up look here soon. *giggles

READING Architectural Design and Site Planning

WRITING this blog post whilst fixing myself to do some errands today

LISTENING Leaving Babyblon by 311

THINKING to search the meaning of my dream this morning. I had a really weird dream again - I always do.

SMELLING another cup of coffee

WISHING my schedule is not that toxic anymore. I've been a walking ball of stress lately, but it's all good. I know everything will pay off after all of this.

HOPING for a Divine Intervention

WEARING my new clothes that @Ripples and @Ilovenclothing sent me. (You should definitely check them out!)

LOVING myself. Yup Learn to love yourself first.

WANTING to say something to you but I'm scared.

NEEDING enough sleep!!

FEELING very very tired. Can someone buy me 5gals of pistachio icecream?

CLICKING my twitter and feedly account.

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