As the ever supportive sister, I was the unofficial photographer and documentation committee of my brother’s high school graduation. Yay!

Atty. Daquilanea and Dra. Daquilanea folks.

Picture taking with 'Moms'.
and ofcourse, with 'Dads'.

Time really flies fast and those boys I met 8 years ago are now growing up into young men.
Again, congratulations to Willem Arnaldo on your graduation. I hope that you’ll be able to pave the way to whatever path you plan to take in life. And wherever you go, your ever beautiful sister and your family will be there with you along the way. Goodluck! ♥

P.S. Dear brother, where is our complete/official family picture? Give me a copy. I need to include that in this post. Thanks! 😄


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