Holding up for too long


Here comes another personal post..

 It's currently 1:12 AM and I'm actually crying whilst typing on my keyboard and my hands are trembling. I'm breaking down again and I don't think I even know the reason why I'm  crying in the first place.

No one would understand what I feel, I might as well keep it to myself and make this platform as my outlet. I'm sorry for actually putting this out there. I'm not even sure if I'm going to hit the publish button or let it stay in my draft.

It's 2020, everything is just fucked up. I know everyone is suffering from the pandemic and prolly have their own issues and problems. In my case, I have been holding up for too long from everything that is going on in my life. Work, mental health, love and life in general.
Bdw, before writing this. I read an article about toxic positivity and it hit me.


How timely, someone special called, like the exact moment. 😔
Now, I'm speechless.

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