For the life of me, I wish knew.

 7 days of my feelings & thoughts.

Aug. 22,2020 12:20 AM
Hello. Here I go again..
I'm here at our terrace staring at the stars above the sky. Much needed solitude and tranquility. So many thoughts in my mind.

Aug.22,2020 9:36PM
I'm here again at the terrace, trying to sort things out. It's getting confusing, really confusing. This is what I'm talking about, I saw this coming and still risked it—now this is what I get. DAMN. This is worse than I thought. Whenever I feel those butterflies in my stomach, I crush them and never want it to comeback. I hated that feeling. 
If ever I catch feelings, I run away. Easy as that, you know why? I'm scared of being hurt. I'm scared of rejection.

Aug. 23,2020 | 12:48PM
I woke up at peace. Not overthinking things. Just going with the flow. These past few nights, maybe I was just thinking too much.

Aug. 24,2020
The feeling is creeping back in. Trying to fight it. It's getting really tiring, I just want to walk away.

I feel exhausted even though I didn't do much.

Aug. 27,2020 | 12MN
Staring at the skies, laughing at myself. I do recognize my thoughts and it's refreshing to understand it bit by bit.

Aug. 28,2020 | 12:26MN
I just had a realization. I smiled. And I just knew that I deserve better ✨❤️

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